Hi I am Anton,
I am 34 years old; I love blogging, filming and Digital Marketing. Social medias, digital marketing and searching for originality are my studies targets. The power that shared interests and interactions have to obtain personal success fascinate me.

In the past few years, I engaged myself in learning how to combine creative interests such as video, writing, graphic design, and sound and design in order to create multimedia content that entertains informs, and inspires. Therefore from video production and script writing to editing and audio recording, I wanted to focus on the essential skills and best practices to become a multimedia specialist.

At the beginning of the year, I completed a Content Strategist course.
I leant how to create effective content marketing campaigns as a content strategist. As a result, I learn how to send the right message to the right people at the right time, to create the right content strategy for a marketing team and get the most out of campaigns.

Most recently I completed the Social Media Marketing Training by Google.
Creating an engaged community around a business with social media marketing, was the focus of the course. Because of it, I learn how to attract an audience, provide value for followers, promote a brand, and set up targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

‘Born Viral’ is the outcome of all I experienced, and the new knowledge acquired. Anyone who needs to promote anything should put into use what shared here.  The site aims to  share clear and easy tips and marketing rules.  These will drive more traffic to your site, generate higher quality leads and growth.

I hope you enjoy the site.

P.S. If you wish to get in touch with me please click on the link below.